Ni Hongyan

Lovely Asian flapper at the beach. I am so jealous of this whole ensemble and determined to recreate this one day :)

Hey where's my beer? This looks like something I would've done as a child.

Chicken and Boy Smoking Smokes Cigarette Vintage Image from 1920 Funny Unique Photo Photography Sepia Black & White Print Cute Weird

I'm so in love with this picture - the bow is just a nice touch!

Vintage Rose Album ~ What a beautiful little girl. This is a vintage Polish website, but Chrome will translate for you.

Scary bicycle built for two!

Are they having fun? Maybe it's a first date. :) <> How'd you like to have to wear that lady's get-up when you jump on your bike? (vintage tandem bike, bicycle, whew) To those bike riding pioneers who worked the kinks out for us - hats off!

This is NOT a 1920's photo of a flapper. It's a recent photo shoot by Esther Hasse. Please stop tagging it as a vintage photo!  #1920s #flapper #historical  NOT VINTAGE Paris in the '20s (via @HistoricalPics)

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Rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan.

"Woman in sensible armor! A rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan. Often mistakenly referred to as “female samurai”, female warriors have a long history in Japan.

Vintage Woman Free Photographs for download. Beautiful women carefully selected by Artsy Bee Digital for you to download.  Public Domain CCO. Free for personal and commercial use. Perfect for scrapbooking, crafts, decoupage and collage art projects.

The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860 - 1900 This major exhibition, at the Victoria and Albert Museum, explored Aestheticism, an extraordinary artistic movement which sought to escape the ugliness and materialism of the Victorian era by.

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker - World famous Jesephine baker aka the “Bronze Venus”, the “Black Pearl”, and the “Créole Goddess; was the first African American to star in a major motion picture. A native of Saint.

1920's passion by myvintagelove, via Flickr

Do you know how to make a romantic kiss? Or Kiss your lover gently? Just check out these vintage French postcards to see how to kiss romanti.