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Jensen lying peacefully in the grass. This is obviously not from "Lazarus Rising.

Love him so much

Love him so much

You perfect idiot, Dean had no idea what he was doing. The mower wasn't even touching the grass.

Jensen Ackles Ok not only is this pic hot but Dean never got to do the normal things in life. He didn't have a yard so he never got to mow. That is what makes this so special to me.

Jensen ... just when I thought he couldn't get any more perfect, he goes and wears a Morphine t-shirt.

Farewell letter from

“Jensen Ackles // Favorite Photo Shoots ➥ Michael Muller for Flaunt Magazine, June 2006 ”

Why are they so perfect??

[GIFSET] Jensen describing the "eggnog incident" A Very Supernatural Christmas - If I had the opportunity to work with my best friend everyday on something like this, this would be something I'd do to her!

We Love Demon!Dean

This fandom is like being stabbed and healing and then being stabbed agin and it gose like that your whole life!