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Fav. The best thing is , is my 1 year old can't open them and smear it all over her face, and the wall AND her hair! Ect...

New Eos lip balm flavors! Have always wanted to try this stuff, but never buy it... Any reviews?

Relive Childhood with this Lip Smacker Vintage Flavors Lip Balms Set

Ok, so, I think everyone can agree that the first Lip Smacker you likely remember is bubble gum. All agreed? If I close my eyes I can remember when I was a

It's Never Been a Better Week to Get a New Tinted Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Shock. Beat the Winter chill by stocking up on these beautiful tinted lip balms!

You need more than the basic lip balm. Introducing Maybelline's Baby Lips Crystal, 6 shimmery shades that give you just the right amount of tint and moisture for better and smoother lips. Find out how to get the best results.