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New: e-on Software PlantFactory 2016 plus VUE Infinite and xStream 2016 are here

Sports nutrition leader INFINIT Nutrition announces the release of the latest addition to its line of post-workout recovery products, :RAW, an all-natural protein mix designed for optimal muscle growth and restoration.

UNSHAPED EYEBROWS The catwalks from fashion capitals say aloud that we no longer need pencils and eyebrow tweezers. A special brush will serve arranging the eyebrows, and the result can be fixed using a special colorless gel. The main reason is naturalness. Keep your natural shape (especially if you have thick eyebrows). You can play with the direction of hair growth, combing them up. INFINITE EYELINER Eyeliner does not go out of style, but they change beyond recognition. Extravagant…

<3 In the midst of pain, our Soul seeks the touch of the Beloved. In the shadow of suffering rests the peace flowing from the healing already happening as any illness holds within the seed of well-being and growth...While grounded in the unshakable knowing of the unknown experienced through the sound of eternity calling us to have faith, trust and hope... For ALL is well in the land of the Infinite...<3 Unbound Love, ~Corina Luna Dea~

Packing up the house for our move has uncovered some memories and interesting stuff. Pictured here is the notebook where it all began. This is where I scribbled my initial ideas for Gutsy Girl in 2012 when I was a mixed media artist and jewellery maker. What a revolution since then! I also found my vision map plan from early 2015 when I evolved into teaching workshops and mentoring in women's circles. Of the 13 things I wrote down I've achieved 8 (a few many times over) let go of 1 and 4 are…

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The Dancing Tree of Life

The Dancing Tree of Life The Tree of Life may be one of the most ancient and universal symbols in the history of philosophy and religion. The order and process of how the tree grows in nature is a metaphor for spiritual growth, wisdom, and in many religions, a symbol for eternal life. I call my design the Dancing Tree of Life because it represents infinite peace, joy, and eternal life.