Ok this pic just gave me baby fever...but in my pic my baby will be holding mama's dog tags...LOVE IT


Army <3 Cute idea for one day way down the road, but I would show the name tape instead of the army tape (it wouldnt let me change my category :( )

Thought some Marine mom's or future Marine mom's would like this idea for a baby picture.

Baby Military photography Cute idea for military

Cute picture


Military baby pictures

Military Babies♥


baby boy

This picture is so happening

cute idea for a NB baby pic

photos like this make me so impatient to meet my sweet baby Owen. 2 months and 13 days!


I love this picture for newborn pics. Baby on bible Psalm 139:14-16

Daddy will always protect you! One of my all time favorite #military #newborn #photography pics! :)

I want a picture like this!

baby picture ideas

Daddys Little Soldier by Carey Johnson, via 500px

Tiffany Farley Connecticut Newborn Photo Shoot