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The Langtang region being rich in wide variety of flora and fauna offers the multiple of trekking destinations. The three major trekking destinations in the Langtang region are Langtang trek, Helambu trek and Gosaikunda Trek. Langtang region was designated as the Nepal’s first Himalayan National park in the year 1971.

Everyone should watch this documentary. It is very insightful. The food you eat and meds are linked. (netflix)

RAW Meal. Love it! I do half a scoop in the morning blended with a small banana; some frozen fresh blueberries and unsweetened almond milk that doesn't contain carrageenan. (causes inflammation) Energy that lasts - NO CRASH. :)

How to Get Started Menu Planning with Dietary Restrictions: Variation on a Theme Method

Some things drive you completely wild with desire as they cook. Roast chicken. Apple pie. Any recipe that starts out with sautéed onion and garlic. Chocolate chip cookies. And I can say with confid…

Ketogenic Diet May Be Key to Cancer Recovery - The diet calls for eliminating carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and protein. The premise is that since cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then cutting out carbs literally starves the cancer cells. Additionally, low protein intake tends to minimize the mTOR pathway, which accelerates cell proliferation. Click through for video

20+ Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas

Vertical gardens can be an alternative to insufficient space in your yard. Spring is fast approaching, so soon you can start to prepare your garden to cult

Paleo Banana Pudding

Paleo Banana Pudding- 6 ingredients and less than 20 minutes cook time. Dairy free, refined sugar free and so delicious!