Sibling love with Mrs. O'Leary By cherryandsisters Nico di and Hazel

I love Leo's tie lol

Percy Jackson & Jason Grace & Leo Valdez - Heroes of Olympus

(rp? someone be Will) Nico ran. He couldn't BELIEVE what had just happened. What was Percy thinking? "Oh hey! I just happen to know Nico's most personal secret! I think I'll just tell Will! Nico's SECRET CRUSH! While Nico stands next to me hearing everything I say! He'll love me for that!" yeah, not so much. Nico ran to the Hades cabin and shut himself out again. He sat down on the floor and started crying. He tried to do otherwise, but he couldn't help it. Someone knocked at the door.

Nico isn't some toy people just ship with everyone. He isn't some soft pansy cake either. Nico di Angelo is obsidian

Nico and Hazel by cherryandsisters.

starry eyed, Solangelo, PJO/HoO

Solangelo, PJO/HoO by cherryandsisters

Nico & Hazel | by Burdge | Heroes of Olympus

burdge: Hazel shot to her feet. He’s my brother. He brought me back from the Underworld, and you don’t want to help him?” - page Mark of Athena

They all like annoyed or upset but Percy looks down right mad

They all like annoyed or upset but Percy looks down right mad

Best Cousins Children of the Big Three

Thalia, Jason, Percy, Hazel and Nico

XD omg I just died! | Seven little monsters by on @deviantART

Nico- *facepalm* < definitely agree with that comment

percy jackson bianca - Pesquisa Google

Bianca and Nico viria

The pjo gals part 2 | Artwork by Ikimaru on tumblr

that reminded me I haven’t posted these oldish sketches of the pjo girls haa-ikimaru

What happened after the last book<< I dare the next person to pin this to add something to the description

(Remembers classmate who use 'eyyo ma' phrase often)

Art by cherryandsisters.

cherryandsisters: “ nico and will doing simple domestic stuff like shopping for groceries just.

Hazel and Nico with swapped clothes/personalities

nucleicacid: “okOKOK BUT Nico and Hazel with swapped clothes/personalities ”

(basically doesn't know what to ship anymore)

(basically doesn't know what to ship anymore)

Anonymous: what do you think will and nico's early relationship before they're dating is like? mansi: something along these lines | art by cherryandsisters

will solace and nico de angelo fanart<< omg nico's face at the end!