How to Make Wearable Wings: Your imagination can soar! Bird, butterfly, bat, or dragonfly...or your own design. Goth them out, pretty them up, and wear the heck out of them this Halloween!

Make your pixie her own gossamer wings out of cellophane wrap! So pretty!

How to Make Butterfly Wings: Attach the wings to your project!

Hanging Bats for #Halloween

freebird necklace (antique multi-tone)

Hedwig from Harry Potter | 36 Delightfully Geeky Cosplays From LeakyCon. This is one cosplay I wasn't sure I'd ever see.

Blog: The Artist's Way + tea culture + tv & film + my imagination =

lace fabric on a vintage suitcase, so pretty <3

So pretty.

Susan Lenart Kazmer Love the look of these, but can't imagine actually wearing

Notice the gorgeous vintage crucifix incorporated into the chain, as well as the key, and other special elements. The necklace was completed with an adjustable closure for wearing different lengths and one of my signature "Mimi-Toria's Designs" custom created signature crown tags.

Upcycle tin cans into pretty succulent planters. | Easy birch wood tin can planter. Adorable fall decor, Thanksgiving table setting ideas or Christmas decor.

Bottle top wind chime - directions:

Use a glue gun to write/make designs on plain jars before painting them.

Cute Halloween idea

Be inspired by this fun roundup of minion crochet projects created by some very talented designers.

scraps of fabric + wire = homemade twistie ties!

fringe crepe paper crowns

Tie Dye Folding Techniques using Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye with @bystephanielynn

// pom pom flowers

Reversible DIY Cardboard Necklace for kids