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You got me babe forever An all I need and want is you to babe!:) an babe u just dont know how much I Miss u!!:( an no babe talk to me I wanna talk please:) an I like that ring babe I cant wait to put an even nicer one on that sexy ring finger!:)

Dreamcatchers are my obsession. They are used to capture good dreams and to release the bad ones. Not only do they hold a purpose but they serve a model for what we should do. Sometimes its we should capture positivity and release negativity.

Mostly you though. You're better than sleep. This remind me of that one kids letter to Anna when he said "I like your smile" (or something like that) "I also like cheese puffs" or whatever he said you get the picture. I love you!

Love is unconditional when you can't get them out of your head, when you find yourself wondering what they will say next. Jumping at any given moment just to make sure that they are happy, and stay that way. -Tess Lile