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1923 Old Dutch Cleanser vintage ad. The helping hand for housework. There is nothing else like Old Dutch. Use it for all cleaning, floors, walls, sinks, tubs, in fact everywhere throughout the house. Chases Dirt.

1919 Old Dutch Cleanser vintage ad. Keeps all cooking and kitchen utensils spotless and sanitary. Saves time, money and labor. Old Dutch Cleanser chases dirt.

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1913 "handy help for farm homes" old dutch cleanser ad

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1948 Vintage Ad Old Dutch Cleanser, Fantastic Retro Graphics, Great 1940's Ephemera, 5"x11" Wall Art, Additional Ads SHIP FREE

1918 Old Dutch Cleanser vintage ad. Cleanliness first. To preserve food properly ice boxes must be kept both clean and cool. Old Dutch makes them hygienic.

1920 Old Dutch Cleanser vintage ad. Old Dutch is free from dangerous caustics and acids. Doesn't roughen or redden the hands.