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Tying a blanket around his shoulders as a cape and "being Batman" =)

Footie pajamas! I like the last 3

LEGO movie's just the poster, but can you imagine the reaction when kids get a hold of this trailer??? Amazing!!

Putumayo Kids African Dreamland - anything by Putumayo is pretty terrific

The Lego Star Wars planet series sets - we just built the TIE Interceptor & Death Star kit. He flies the little spaceship around and makes goofy boy noises. Pretty cute. =)

Super Awesome Baby Gift Idea. Twilight Turtle can glow in blue, green or orange. Stays on for 45 minutes then turns off by itself. Splashes stars on the ceiling!

Charlie and Lola. Tengo la tela del vestido, pero no sé si hacerla estilo Tolola...

♥ Caillou ♥ It kind of annoyed me how he used to cry over every single little thing. I liked Rosie though! :')♥