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Batman Beyond

The best Batman

// Batman.

Batman Manga

Old School Batman

Hero Colors: Batman Beyond

Batman poster

Batman - Lunch Bags - Imgur

Batman by Ed McGuinness

Batman Reborn

Old School Batman Utility Belts So cool! When I was, like, six years old, I had the comic book that this was in!

vintage batman poster - Google Search

Batman by Frank Miller

DC Celebrates Batman’s 75th Anniversary With Mike Allred’s ‘Batman 66′ Inspired Variant Covers

Batman by Brian Bolland

Batman by  Bernie Wrightson

Batman Over Time: The Superhero’s Evolution From 1939 to 2012

Batman Hotel in Taiwan | If I ever win the lottery, this will be my bedroom, and the rest of the house will look like The Who Shop and Hogwarts. ;)

I totally didn't see the bat men at first. #visual #art #nerd #geek #batman #marvel #wolverine #xmen #trick Oh no... My fav DC and my fav Marvel...

Batman Beyond Redesign..Nice!