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23.5x33 Poster Print Jimi Hendrix

My brother once said that as a guitarist, you're either a clapton man, or a hendrix man.I am deeeefinitely all bout the Jimi thing

Bob Marley Fine Art Print - Vintage concert & sixties genre photos rock concerts at the Fillmore, Fillmore East , and Winterland at Wolfgang's

Jimmy Hendricks

Jimi Hendrix transformed the genre of rock with virtuoso performances that have yet to be reproduced to this day. The late, legendary guitarist passed on this day in ending the arc of one of …

Beatles last photoshoot together

Beatles last photoshoot together

RIchards, Jagger & Dylan...let the spirits flow !

Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan - Jagger's birthday party, July photographed by Ken Regan (Rolling Stone)

Keith Richards

Warning: Fifty years of smoking, boozing, snorting, touring, and screwing will kill you. Unless you are Keith Richards magnifica foto

classicrocklives: “ Mick Jagger and John Lennon ”

BOB GRUEN PHOTOGRAPHY | Bob Gruen, Rock and Roll Photographer - Led Zeppelin Photos

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and a double neck guitar. Really cool in a weird, don't know if i would actually play one sort of way. There is a lot of band in this world, but Led Zeppelin is probably the best.

Jimi Hendrix

(Special thanks to John Moskitos who wrote this article) Forty-two years after his death, Jimi Hendrix is still present in our environment. The symbol of the hippie generation he represents, the ad.