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great dutch site if you want to order some of the most beautiful beads for your diy jewelry

VSH-001 Versteend hout, (streng) 20 mm | Versteend hout | Exotische Kralen / Wellness Jewelry

Here are the perfect male and female bodies, according to men and women

Sandblasted carnelian 18mm rounds. The sandblasting has given the beads a striking effect. Each bead is different. A very light application of baby oil subtly brings out the color while retaining the frosted matte look. Package of 2

Ancient Roman Glass Beads Found along the trade route passing from Europe through northern Africa, these ancient Roman glass beads are a treasure! The beads vary in size and shape and all show the beautiful pitting from being buried in the sand for centur...

Blog dedicado a la confección de bisutería fina, usando varias técnicas y materiales de alta calidad