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Lol Matt. I'm really not liking him very much anymore not since like season 6 when he decided to hate everyone. Then in season 7 he drove everyone interesting out of mystic falls. Like wtf Matt?!

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This is why we need Alaric back....and the only reason for the 'dropping the veil' between the supernatural dead and the living. to bring alaric and jeremy and jena back.

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His love for her started from the very beginning of episode There is no other love like theirs. But then again, they're wrong for each other and they know it. Stefan is obviously the perfect guy for Elena.

Did this actually happen? I've seen variations of this all over Pinterest, but I don't remember it from any of the episodes.

delena when they were in love - I wonder how much better the series would be if they were actually still a couple

Everyone always focuses on the friendship between Alaric and Damon, or the chemistry between Elena and Damon. But the three of them together, for nearly a season, were all each other had. They were such a great little family...and I miss it. Not anymore