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    • Catie (This High Calling)

      Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them! #parenting #quote

    • Teresa Garvey

      Yes! So true! I think some parents forget this. I am glad and cherish each moment with my children. Its not about material things but being there for them. They will remember me being there not the latest toy.

    • Kim K

      children....feeling cherished I hope one of my friends realizes this and stop blowing both thier paychecks on thier twin boys is making them bratty.She works and he works for the all the needs of the 11 yr olds ie 2000.00 hockey camp and more high $$ crap they will not care about. when they are older.. Sick of her the grandmom complain u all dont have money.WTF is a matter with your mindset.I wish I could send her this quote. She would be offended cause TRUTH hurts and stings doesnt IT ??!!!

    • Misty Wallis

      love this because it is so true. I remember my mom by the unconditional love she showed me and I give my children the same love. Material things will be thrown away so always put your kids first and they will never forget it.

    • Haileh Sundown

      this is so true! #positive #parenting #love #quotes #inspirational

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