Dryer Sheet as Iron Cleaner Remove gunk from the soleplate of an iron. With the setting on low, rub the iron over the dryer sheet until the residue disappears, and you're left with a pristine press.

used dryer sheets to clean blinds

How To Clean Your Front Loading Washer and Get Rid of That Smell!

Life Hacks | Uncommon uses for common household items: toothpaste, rubber bands, nail polish, tape, hair dryer, hand lotion, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, coffee filters, salt, disposable cups, vinegar, wax paper, zip-top bags, chalk. (There are a million of these types of pins, but this is the first one I actually found useful.)

toothpaste might help u in other ways too.. good to know

Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw.

Did you know Original Dawn Blue isn't just a dishwashing liquid? It can also be used to control dog fleas, clean soap scum in your bathroom, remove spots on your laundry, and make amazing bubbles. And that's just a few...and they cost much less than the store bought version.

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DIY: Oven Door Cleaner. Mine looks brand NEW. I am amazed!! Suchamom.com

Cleaning Tips

How To Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything

No More Mosquitoes: Place a dryer sheet in your pocket. It will keep the mosquitoes away.

A MUST READ TO BELIEVE: So many uses for Magic Erasers - even ones you never knew about! Seriously, I didn't even finish reading the list...there are a TON of uses!

Use Cream of Tartar and Water to clean that oily, sticky residue off of appliances.


Dishwasher Cleaner

Soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap around faucets. Wait an hour and wipe off.

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Magic of Dryer Sheets:] dryer sheets discover ◾Use to get sticky dust right off of furniture, blinds and baseboards. ◾Cleans up cooktops and greasy cupboards quickly. ◾Soak paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet and watch the paint come right off. ◾Clean dead, icky bugs from the car. ◾Wipe pet hair off of clothes and furniture. ◾Run over thread before sewing to keep tangles away.

1/2 cup of salt, 1 qt of hot water, pour down drain to remove gunk. Real Simple says it works, I'll have to try it!