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Celebrating Flag Day (US)

Flag Day Printable

Canada Day (Celebrations in My World)

Christmas, from the Celebrations in My World series

Happy Birthday! (Celebrations in My World series)

Cultural Traditions in My World series. This series takes young readers through an entire year of the holidays and traditions celebrated in different countries around the world. Each book describes the religious, family, and seasonal traditions of a particular country, exploring each one's history and the foods and celebrations related to it. Colorful photographs and simple activities highlight each book. #books #culture #traditions #countries #holidays #celebrations #social studies

Cultural Traditions in My World series - explores religion, food, and celebrations of countries around the world. Grades K-3

Physical Fitness Month resources

June is National Safety Month. Great selection of books on staying safe at home, work and play!

For children - How to write and design their own books

Independence Day (Celebrations in My World series)

Mother's Day and Other Family Days (from Celebrations in My World series)

the poppy


Labor Day Tailgate | Hen House Linens

Thank a Vet!!!

I love America!

One Nation Under God