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Green Machine... Adult Style...  I want one...

The Lean Mean Green Machine. Inspired by the classic big-wheeled tricycle. Has a Harley v-twin Evo engine. A really nice toy for the big boys!

~I want one of these!!!~  The Touring Quadracycle - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Touring Quadracycle - Hammacher Schlemmer - Unlike other quad bikes, this touring pedal-cycle allows adults in the rear to steer, accommodating up to four riders.

Para quem gosta, costurar é uma terapia e um verdadeiro exercício de concentração e criatividade. A única parte chatinha é na hora de trocar a linha. Pior ainda é quando precisamos de uma determinada cor e não a encontramos em nenhum lugar... - Veja mais em: http://www.vilamulher.com.br/artesanato/novidades/maquina-de-costura-tinge-a-cor-da-linha-conforme-o-tecido-17-1-7886463-14.html?pinterest-destaque

Máquina de costura tinge a cor da linha conforme o tecido

I WANT THIS! Check out this sewing machine! You load up white thread and the machine dyes the thread to match your fabric color. It does it while you sew. I don't sew but this is pretty awesome

Awesome concept car- we may need a new pinboard: Concept Transportation! - https://www.luxury.guugles.com/awesome-concept-car-we-may-need-a-new-pinboard-concept-transportation/

The Future is Now, so give me my bubble car! Awesome concept car- we may need a new pinboard: Concept Transportation!

I would SO get one of these!  Hubby agrees, we'd have the tassels and everything, screw it!  People who don't like it just be hatin'!  Bwa-hahaha!

30 Things You Need To Buy After You Win The Lottery

An adult sized Big Wheel? "They see me rollin', they hatin'"

You might have realized we are slightly obsessed with building projects for kids. Our lastest adventure includes building igloos with marshmallows.

Engineering for Kids

Crazy Forts,Purple, 69 pieces Children of all ages love building fun structures where they can play endlessly in their imaginary world. And Crazy Forts makes

Indian Chief Dark Horse 2010

Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle - Indian, America's first Motorcycle, Joins…

Awesome California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | www.RobertReevesL... | RYNO one wheeler...   Traffic Check more at http://ukreuromedia.com/en/pin/12046/

The RYNO is a one-wheeled self-balancing electric personal transportation device, designed for short, low-speed trips.