Embroidered To Do List Tutorial.

embroidered girl

Embroidered arrows

hand embroidered cottage

embroidered braids

embroidered fabric photos

embroider a trip on a map and then frame it with photos

embroidered alphabet

embroider a map.....

Lovely Embroidery

this is a lovely cross stitch

This is a really lovely ruffle tutorial.

Saturday Stitches: Cute Embroidered Edges

How to embroider a leaf.

~embroidery stitches~Good list of stitches to learn/know

embroidered patchwork by 'moving hands'

Embroidered handmade DIY method

how to embroider words--good to know, for clothes, pillows or even on paper!

embroidered flowers

embroidered heart

17th century embroidered satin book with floral motif. Embroidered satin book with floral motif. The Whole Booke of Psalmes (London, 1639) Collection: The British Library