Helmut Newton 1960. Love Vintage Photography

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Photo by Helmut Newton, 1960s.

Helmut Newton, British Vogue, London, 1967 Few images convey frantic motion like this one—of a model charging across a British landscape in white Go-Go boots in an airplane not far behind.

This picture really appealed to me because it really shows exactly how Newton became synonymous with "Vogue". The mystery and intrigue in this picture are enhanced by the color scheme (Black & White) and the vanishing point of the horizon in the distance. This photograph definitely shows high level photography.

Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent - Rue Aubriot, French Vogue
dalla serie White Women Paris 1975 Photo Helmut Newton Estate

1stdibs | Mark Shaw - Early Black and White Studio Outtake #20

Vanity Fair, 1953 Photograph by Mark Shaw. I reposted just because this is a beautiful picture

note to self

I love looking at old photographs.love this time periosd.the style is amazing. Fashion models rest on a street corner, by Milton Greene, Italy, 1951

Jodie Foster, strong brows, contoured nose/face, defined eyes, strong lip

young Jodie Foster - American actress, film director, and producer. Photo by Helmut Newton