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Hahaha I love live this pin to the bottom of my heart! It makes your day. ^_^

Hip hop is a real chemistry of words and emotions, not just how many times you can say "ass" in the same sentence.

This is the current promotional image of Eminem. One eye and devil horns. That the type of stuff you have to do to be able to stay relevant and get exposure in this business. Especially if you're signed with Interscope Records.

Scott Brown Online: What About Holy Hip-Hop? At the recent Worship of God conference, attendees were encouraged to prepare questions for the concluding time of Q&A. One of the questions we received was: "Any thoughts on reformed rap artists? ... Their musical styles would be considered offensive to some, but the doctrine within the songs is sound." Panelists Dan Horn, Scott Aniol, Geoff Botkin, Joel Beeke, Jason Dohm, and Joe Morecraft weigh in.