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      Robert Cheeke, #vegan body-builder "Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is as gentle as real strength." ~Ralph W. Sockman

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      Once you open your eyes to the cruel realities that animals endure in farm factories, test labs, etc. you become more compassionate towards everything around you, + start making a difference for those who suffer. This benefits not only yourself, but also every other life you are touching. Robert Cheeke,

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      Our growing gallery of quotes and people we love. This one of vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke.

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      For everyone! -from a vegan body builder

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      Robert Cheeke. Vegan body builder.

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      Robert Cheeke

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    I love this simple drawing and this simple, true message. #vegan #glutenfree #foodporn #cleanfood #healthy #healthysurprise #whatveganseat #quote

    Life should NEVER be defined by a barcode.

    This is not ethical treatment! I dont care if you eat meat or not, but caging animals this way is not right! You can see the terror in their eyes! What if we rounded up humans that were bad, criminals even I could see every body up in arms about it! Sad really sad!

    #Govegan start with one

    Well said

    #DisgustingThingsPplDo Sadly true! From Animal Rights & Human Wrongs Facebook group. And until people see homosexuals and ppl of different sexual orientation as equal fellow humans, it would be more difficult for them to see animals as equal to us.

    A vegan diet effects more then your health and the animals that suffer your appetite. It changes the world.

    What the consumption of animal products contributes to .... let's be vegan, please, please, pleeeease with sucanat and a cherry on top?

    :) very true! love love love this!!!!!

    So true

    This is hilarious

    Not You – BEETxBEET #vegan

    Did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex? Learn more fascinating facts about some of your favorite animals!

    Shocking Facts About Factory Farmed Animals. Never buy from factory farming companies, try to find local organically grown food instead! Not only will animals thank you, but so will your body!

    If our next-door neighbour kept a dog in the conditions that more than 90% of pigs are kept in, we would call the police; please consider not supporting this cruel industry and going #vegan

    Pro vegan: These unwanted male chicks are on a conveyor belt. In seconds they will die, they will be ground.

    REDUCE REDUCE REDUCE then reuse & recycle.. There is no AWAY! #DiveAgainstDebris today and support the movement for a trash free ocean -  Photo Malik Naumann - Marine Photobank