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I like this because it brings the pain and suffering from a person but still creates a rose at the end of it.

Young photographer: “Photography was a form of therapy; probably saved my life.” How photography alleviated his depression. This video shows a lot of his AMAZING and INSPIRING work!

depression, by Christian Hopkins

By Christian Hopkins "Capt. Truffles" on Flickr

this image is using a converging triangle. it is also a low viewpoint. colour is bold and attractive. the lines composition is also used in this image

The Archangel by Christian Hopkins. ° low key black and white photography. Religion

Sometimes, it is not the world that hurts us the most but the demons inside. And when the world goes silent and leaves us alone, we can no longer hide. When our own minds turn against us, where can we turn? Our sanity is lost.

self portrait by Sarah Rose Smiley, schaharazad on Flickr