Tire Planters in the childrens' garden of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, Virginia

Tire Planters in the childrens' garden of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, Virginia---like this idea.

Don't have money for garden beds? Why not look for some old tyres? You can ask a local mechanic to donate and it will save them disposal fees. instead of raised beds.

Tire planters - Reuse your old tires by painting and turning them into funky planters!

Flowers Gardens: Garden Crafts

17 Charming Garden Art DIYs Love the frame hanger, the birdcage, and the vintage truck planter!

Upcycle an otherwise landfill destined hose into a door mat.

Garden hose door mat

Upcycled garden hose door mat by Mark Kintzel (Dishfunctional Designs). This is so cool for all those bursted or leaky garden hoses .

recycled wine bottles by robyn

Old bottles for edging a flower bed, or herb garden.love it.I also like the idea of using old dishes from yard sales, or thrift shops.Fun DIY Craft Ideas - Flower Beds and Gardens

Planting a celery bottom will produce a new stock of celery... Amazing!!! guh I NEED to make a Gardening board!

Gardening Roses out of Potatoes, I might have to steal a few of my neighbors rose stems.watch out Angela! Jardinería Roses de patatas, voy a tener que robar a algunos de mis vecinos Troncos de Rose .

Great idea for along rear fence

Stencil letters on terracotta saucers and then hang inside old picture frames for instant garden art. For our vinyl fence we could hang the old frames with pretty ribbon.

What You'll Need:  Styrofoam Balls, Grout, E-6000 Glue, Glass Stones, Glass Pieces.   How You Do It:  Glue the glass to the balls.  Fill the spaces with glass pieces Wait 24 hours before grouting the entire ball, occasionally wiping the grout from glass.  Three steps and you're done! Place them somewhere for all to see :)

These DIY mosaic garden balls are so pretty and they are easy to make using styrofoam balls, grout, glue, stones, and various sized flat backed glass pieces. They would make a beautiful Mother's Day gift idea!

Best Garden Art Projects Of 2012


Maceteros con ladrillos. Recicla y saldrás ganado.

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas (with pictures)