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    This gene is strong.


    Ladies and Gentlemen; The Hemsworths.. enjoy never unseeing this lol

    Chris Hemsworth…

    Well then

    Mind. Blown.

    I love the science of the different sides of a persons face

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Hemsworth.



    True Story!

    cool story bro

    This is why we (girls) like Jennifer Lawrence.

    The British Lindsay Lohan. Hope restored in humanity. Lindsey Lohan actually played both the twins in the movie, but Erin was used in the scenes where they had to interact.

    *dies from the awesomeness that is this* I LAUGHED SO HARD best thing ive ever seen ♥

    After all this time...I've had no idea ahahaha but seriously who has time to daintily eat Tic Tacs like that