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beautiful nomad


I saw a guy like this at school today kathy so yep



The Sartorialist Dinner, Florence

Break em in. Wear em out. Patch em up.

brigitte-bardot et jean-luc-godard

andrew garfield






pure art



Marianne Breslauer: Photographs

Marianne Breslauer: Photographs

Marianne Breslauer: Photographs

What are a few things you learned this year? That classic, well-made woven shirts work with EVERYTHING! I incorporated a classic white oxford into all of my looks, it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

On the Street…. The Shape Of Modern Menswear

I live in Ukraine and just recently found this photograph of my grandmother’s friends, I love the dress on this girl. - Olya Shylenko

On the Beach……@ The Raleigh Hotel, Miami