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perhaps for father's day or dad's bday?

The Sky Scarf: one row a day for a year, matched to the color of the sky that day.

Look closely: students folded white paper in half, wrote their names in cursive, and cut out around their names - this formed the body. They added the head, arms,and legs then mounted their "name skeletons" on black construction paper! This is awesome! Love it!

Laura Chandler's science resources, experiments, activities, video links, animated videos, and much much more -- great site! (Climate, Weather, Water Cycle, Landforms, Erosion, Machines, Force & Motion, Scientific Method, Adaptations, Energy, Experiments, States of Matter)

solar system hats.... Not sure uf i want a hat but Im diggin this for fcat purposes

Using balloons to teach States of Matter.

Science Matters: Body Systems: Digestive System: Digestion in a Bag

Pine-cone SWAN

card idea

Found on Share your inspiration today!

Classroom DIY re-useable hanging strip

DYI Phonics Phone

Constellations: Great for our Discovery Station

LOVE THIS!!! This teacher holds a "reading raffle" and students enter their tickets in the bins with the book they most want to win. :} Tickets earned through behavior and responsibility... Hold the raffle once a month...

Napa Cabbage science experiment.

Sound unit?? Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Gotta try this!

make a lung, how do lungs work, kids science

Craft sticks + velcro = great way to make letters & shapes


Adorable Camping cake

Finger friends

Christmas morning: Blueberry cheese rolls! only 4 ingredients :) I am so doing this!

Science - Open up the pumpkin, add a little soil and water, and watch the seeds (which are already inside the pumpkin) grow.