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Tree Kangaroo with baby.

Tree Kangaroo with baby - Tree-kangaroos are macropods adapted for life in trees. They inhabit the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea, far northeastern Queensland, and nearby islands.

Fueron sorprendidos por la cámara en el momento más extraño que podrías imaginar

Fueron sorprendidos por la cámara en el momento más extraño que podrías imaginar

if your happy and you know it hug a tree . I'm a tarsier ! The Philippine Tarsier has been called “the world’s smallest monkey” or “smallest primate” by locals before. However, the Philippine Tarsier is neither a monkey nor the smallest primate.

Australia's cutest baby animals - Australian Geographic. Kangaroo and Joey!

Wonder what Wallaby mums use for stretchmarks? Wallaby joeys will stay in the pouch until they have all their fur and are able to jump by themselves. Some bigger joeys still like the comfort of mum's pouch.

Tiny little guy! Common Mouse Opossum - Marmosa murina - This marsupial of the family Didelphidae is endemic to northern and central South America. 4.5-5.75" (11-14.5 cm) body length and 5.25-8.5" (13.5-21 cm) tail length and a weight of .562-1.625 oz (15-45 g) mark this as a very small opossum. Diet : insects, spiders, small lizards, bird's eggs & chick and some fruit

Linnaeus’s Mouse Opossum - Marmosa murina This cute opossum, commonly referred to as Linnaeus’s Mouse Opossum, and Murine Mouse Opossum, is scientifically named Marmosa murina (Didelphidae). It is a South American species group with a wide range of.

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Kangaroo with joey (baby) in her pouch. Joeys can stay in the pouch for up to 6 months

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This pic is real. A polar bear came for multiple days to play with the dogs of a sled team. When the bear first arrived the owner of the dogs thought they were goners. Never once did the bear harm the dogs.

Lazy days are always good!

Lazy days are always good!

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Funny pictures about Baby Hippo Kissing His Mother. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Hippo Kissing His Mother. Also, Baby Hippo Kissing His Mother photos.


All kids love a piggy back ride from dad, and these two baby Golden Lion Tamarins are no exception. In Tamarin tradition, the father carries the babies, with mom stepping in only to feed them when they feel hungry. (Photo by Chris Balcombe)

Tree kangaroo | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

"This baby red tree kangaroo joey and his mama are residents of the San Diego Zoo. Fortunately, someone at the zoo managed to catch them during this moment of tenderness. It just shows that no matter what the species, a mother's love is unconditional.


A cheeky polar bear sticks out her tongue at Amsterdam Zoo. Photographer Lars van de Goor said: 'I was taking pictures of the animals and noticed this polar bear. I spent half an hour running from left to right, repositioning myself time and time again


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