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Gift Ideas for Her Motivational Poster Black door TheMotivatedType

Printable Art Black and White Fashionista Lips door TheMotivatedType (Perfect for my make up area)

"I didn't mean to turn him - didn't know my bite had that affect. But he is my chosen, he's..." Flame couldn't find the word, which was a rare occurrence Gwen wanted desperately to take advantage of. "Liken to you." She quipped helpfully. "Lycan? Hm." Flame bit her lip thoughtfully, "That's... perfect." "What?" "Lycans. That's what they're called."

Supposed to be a hellhound but it looks like my dog. Why do hellhounds always look adorable?

"Fallen" by Sandara on deviantArt

"Angels and demons shot into the sky, tumbling and spinning, their black wings screaming--a battle was in the making"--Melinda Jane Harrison

Exept I look the part considering my snake bites tattoos other pirceings and plum pixie cut

This is literally me, lol. I listen to four bands. My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots and The I listen to FOB too but I have no more money left on iTunes so I have to wait to get into them so I can buy all their albums at once.