rehearsal dinner...bridesmaids verses groomsmen, definitely a must

bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding | 66 Beautiful Bridesmaids’ Dresses For Beach Weddings » Photo 24

I love pictures of the groomsmen holding the bridesmaids bouquets, this one's really good

what would a bride be without her girls??

For the Bridesmaids, cause I know mine are going to want these

bridesmaid photo... This is so cute


groomsmen need colored socks to match their bridesmaid

Keep track of bridesmaids' dresses. Paint and decorate hangers for them to take cute!

pre-wedding field day, bridesmaids vs groomsmen, i want to do this!

How you met your bridesmaids

how you met your bridesmaids! Cute idea!

Too funny! photo ideas

I love this picture idea of the bridesmaids & the bride-- with the dresses in the background!

I need this picture with my groom and groomsmen!!! So funny.

The maid of honor could put this together. Have the mother of the bride, mother in law, bridesmaids, and friends of the bride write letters to the bride, then put them in a book so she can read them while getting ready the day of. The last page can be a letter from the groom. I hope my bridesmaids are this awesome!!!

Rings with all your bridesmaids' initials for them to wear during the wedding on their right hand, for your "right hand girls"..I love this


again..groom in a different shade.


gifts for the groomsmen. cool idea.