What a sick photo! I wanna do that!!! Both ride and learn to take that kind of photo!

Mountain Biking

go ride!

I ride a bike to...


Peri Bike Rack

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A little on the extreme side #mtb

Signature K.E.G. Storage by Specialized - Betty Designs - Betty Designs

mountain + bike


Nuseti - world's first bike with the Inner Drive System! by Nuseti mountain bikes — Kickstarter. A superb mountain bike equipped with the Inner Drive System - a revolutionary gear unit, developed especially for mountain bikes.

♂ Outdoor Sport Mountain Bike

mountain biking

Darren Berrecloth! My FAVE! Been watching him ride since I was eight! :) Please follow us @ http://www.pinterest.com/wocycling/

sketchy bridge

Check it out! Everything you need for a day of mountain biking, all laid out and ready to go. #frontdoorkit

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame 3/4th Baseball Shirt- any color

Just Ride! Mountain biking, trail riding, adventure!