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It's just a hill... Get over it!!

I LOVE the feeling of coasting down a hill after a super hard climb. It is like flying.

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The Wall of Sormano, in the province of Como, Italy. Is a road with such a legendary slope (experienced as virtually ‘vertical’ by cyclists) that it has been dubbed “Muro of Sormano”. Inserted by Vincenzo Torriani in the Giro di Lombardia in the 1960 – 1962 – in order to make the race, which he perceived as too ‘easy’, more challenging – the slope has since then become legendary for its toughness, forcing many champions to get off their bikes and continue on foot! #roadcycling

When muscles and machine connect, extraordinary things happen. #Bikes #Athletes

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Love it. I want one. #cycling.



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Greg Lemond after Paris Roubaix... If you've ever climbed your own personal hell of a hill, you can completely understand the pain!


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It's not a race, It's a journey. Enjoy the moment. #bikequotes

"one of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat."- Napoleon Hill #quote