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Zafiro Zora - Zora's Sapphire by ~Inferry

Zafiro Zora - Zora's Sapphire by ~Inferry When I have unlimited money supplies I'm having a jeweler make me these!

Rito by katribou

The rito in wind waker have always been my fav zelda race, so I think one of my favorite parts about breath of the wild is new rito!

Sage of Fire: Darunia by *Know-Kname on deviantART

Darunia from Ocarina of Time. this fella was a pain in my ass and didnt come out exactly right :/ oh well. Sage of Fire: Darunia

Portal: Human GlaDOS by

Portal: Human GlaDOS by ShiroiNeko-sama on DeviantArt

Ruto, Sage of Water

Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time also see. Sage of Water: Ruto