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Nanoscientists at Argonne are working on a technique to attack brain cancer cells using these coin-shaped magnetic disks. Antibodies on the surface of the disks latch onto cancerous cells. Then, when a weak magnetic field is applied, the disks begin to oscillate, killing the cancer cells. The disks are just a single micron across – about 10 times smaller than the diameter of a single red blood cell. Though the technique is still in early stages of testing, it shows promise.

Scientists Grow Cyborg Tissues With Nanoelectronics - One of the main problems scientists have often faced when studying the changes in human cells is that the electronics used to do so tend to damage the cells. For long, these scientists have sought to find a way of using electronics on a human cell which wouldn't damage it. Now, a group of scientists at Harvard seem to have found just the solution. [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]

Do you know the truth about the connection between vaccines and autism? Hint: Science knows.

  • Bri Michelle

    and the parents that worry are the ones that have children that cant be vaccinated. theres a difference

  • Holly Miller

    My daughter is medically exempt from vaccines, as well as religiously exempt. A cold can be deadly. I assure you I am not ignorant. You should do some more research into the measles, the death rate is >.00000348%. The vaccine carries real risks, and offers virtually no benefit, not even immunity. .

  • Ms. Janet

    One question to non vaccers: Are you ready to stick your kid here?

  • katharine symak

    Vaccines are only effective for about 2-10 years. Over 50% of the pop. Has been at risk for disease for about 2 decades becuase the vaccine wore off 10 yrs after you got it. Wheres polio? Where are the deaths? Thats a FACT not junk science like this poster.

  • Holly Miller

    Correct Katharine!

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Electron micrograph of M. mycoides, the first self-replicating synthetic bacterial cell

Human egg cell and sperm cells - colored ESEM (environmental scanning electron micrograph)

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