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Louis Lumière Turns 150: Celebrate the Anniversary of the Movie Pioneer's Birth

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of one of the inventors of cinema, Louis Lumière

Juliette Loubieres -- Director -- Her graduation film "La Leçon de choses" (1998), based on drawings and interviews of very young children, was awarded in many festivals. She has then organized animation workshops, mainly for children, and has also worked for TV and cinema productions (short films and the feature film "Persepolis", awarded in Cannes Festival 2007).

Watch Tom Hanks's Audition for 'Forrest Gump' and 10 Other Screen Tests

Brigitte Helm cooling off on the set of Metropolis, 1927. Lang dio a entender más tarde que la idea del corazón como mediador entre la mano (la fuerza del trabajo) y el cerebro (la capacidad directora de la sociedad) era falsa y que por ello ya no le gustaba esta película.