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    Your Amazing Liver just keeps going and going in spite of Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis!

    Let me begin by saying that after twenty-five plus years in practice, Methylation Cycle Block was one of the largest single components I learned about, and the source for why some of the chronically ill cannot get better. For some of you, Methylation Cycle Block is an acquired problem that gathers momentum over time. For others, it is Genetics alone. Yet for most, it is a combination of Heredity and Acquirement.

    functions of the liver

    What are the liver function tests?

    Interesting infographics about the health and nature.

    Liver Anatomy | The Liver Anatomical Chart / Poster - Laminated 9781587791758

    Hepatic Encephalopathy: a worsening of brain function that occurs when the liver is no longer able to remove toxic substances in the blood