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  • Little Lupo

    fer1972: The colorful stairs of Streetartutopia

  • Nika Luxé

    STREET ART UTOPIA » Mosaic Stairs very inspiring!

  • Susan Calevro

    Mosaic Steps

  • Lee Chamberlain

    Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher created the mosaic design - beautiful mosaic stairs

  • Scott Sanders

    The beautiful mosaic tiled steps of 16th Avenue and Moraga St. Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher created the mosaic design, a colorful, flowing, sea-to-sky theme, with fish near the foot of the steps and birds, leaves and stars near the top. The mosaic consists of 163 separate mosaic panels, one for each step riser. San Francisco, California.

  • Allyn C

    The Moraga Mosaic Stairway - San Francisco, California, USA

  • Emily Bristow

    Stained glass stairs, love!

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