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Healthy Lifestyle=a happy YOU!

You'll lose weight just by chewing your food more. In fact, a study found that lean people chew each bite of food an average of 21 times before swallowing...which is about four times more than obese people. But why would chewing affect your weight? Experts say chewing more means you're eating more slowly...And the slower you eat - the more likely you are to notice when you feel full! So you'll eat less and lose weight...

Water weight loss which is helpful for folks with sensitivities. Will be trying as a way to help the body reset when all puffed up after a bad food.

I've been doing this for the past 3 weeks and have lost 6 lbs w/o really doing anything for exercise. You really are what you eat! Minor changes in your diet with increased water does wonders.

Exercises to tighten skin after weight loss or pregnancy- Pinning this for those who have just had babies or lost weight!

Infographic: The 6 Secrets to Weight Loss && The 8 best weight loss tips (Link)

Do you wanna lose some weight or just to learn a new food recipe?Check from where i took my food recipes!

The Dos and Don'ts of Talking to a Loved One About Weight Loss

Definitely going to do this the week before my wedding... healthy body

interesting comparisons - my goal is to lose the equivalent of a newborn giraffe. so far, I'm a newborn calf.