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Vamps rule - just not the Twilight kind since they don't count anyhoo....



My boy Jack...

* Vampire *

Vampire fangs.



The vampire's pale lips stretched in a gruesome grin that exposed it's razor sharp fangs, blood dipped from it's mouth no doubt from it's last victim.


The colors black and red. The color red representing the love and passion that Celia and Marco have for each other colliding with the disapproval of Hector and Alexander(black, evil, darkness).

Vampire by ~chadmichaelward


Vampire | Latest teen fad: Vampire teeth | The Mommy Files | an blog


Vampire...Isn't this picture from True Blood?

Vampire vampires, they are not. I repeat...not. nice.

This is supposed to be vampire-style makeup, so the blood is fake. Still, if I didn't have that knowledge, I'd hand her a box of Kleenex and ask her how she cut her lip so deep.

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Immortal Conflict Vampire/Werewolves