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Ombre Petals - Three tier fondant dummy cake for a bridal show I was in. Quilting on top and bottom tiers. Middle has ombre fondant petals. This was my show stopper. Everyone loved it! I was so happy!

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A collection of beautiful cake & cupcake pictures to be inspired by. Enjoy the various elegant, colourful and creative cake designs and try one yourself.

Seus filhos, como os meus, estão crescendo e, agora, começam a querer balada com DJ e música ensurdecedora?    Esqueça as festas meigas, co...

Birthday Cakes - Splatter Paint Cake * I loved splattering the "paint" (royal icing) onto the black canvas! Topped with a colorful poofy bow made of gum paste.

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Simple fondant cake designs - for beginners! : Simple Fondant Cake Simple fondant cake designs - for beginners! Cake fondant designs,Cakes with fondant,Wedding cake designs

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using for card inspiration - cream & ruffles and gold hearts. Whats not to love?