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    Rory. Williams.

    3y Saved to Doctor WHO
    • Aunt Ruth

      Oh, Rory! [and the tone in which he says, "I'm a Nurse" is just shivery and intense. Dr. Who! Check it out...]

    • Christina

      Hegemonic Masculinity: Rory Williams He is the husband of Amy Pond and for a time he is mocked for his portrayal of masculinity. As a male nurse hailing from the English village of Leadworth, Rory is a loyal, humble, and caring companion of the Doctor’s, who carries around nursing supplies.

    • Pinlife251

      Oh Rory... I always found it cute, Amy always talked about her raggedy man called The Doctor and Rory as a nurse still gets Amy in the end.

    • Brittany Farmer

      Oh Rory... I always found it cute, Amy always talked her raggity man called The Doctor and that is what Rory aspires to be, though he only ever gets to be a nurse he still gets Amy in the end.

    • Jessica Schweikert

      Something I never thought of until I saw this photo, is how much symbolism there is in Rory being a nurse. Normally doctors are more esteemed and praised by society, much like Amy always called out for the Doctor, and not Rory.

    • Deanna Justice

      Yet another reason why nursing is awesome....for the uninitiated, this is Rory Williams from Doctor Who, in addition to being a companion he is also a nurse

    • Dani M-S

      Oh my goodness this is life changing!! The doctor and his nurse #daniunderstandsthingss

    • Taylor Caragan

      lolol Rory was the doctors nurse. how precious.

    • Erin Wilson

      The doctor and the nurse. I love this show

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    Amy: "He's my favorite guy, but he's, you know..." Rory: "A friend." Amy: "Gay." Rory: "I'm not gay." Amy: "Yes, yes, you are." Rory: "No, No I’m not." Amy: "Of course you are, don’t be stupid."

    Always gonna wonder whether Rory wandered into a party of The Silence or if they stupidly handed Arthur a marker and he got a bit carried away.

    Awww I love Rory

    Rory and River ♥

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    Oh Rory!

    Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill)


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    Poor Rory!

    And Rory just goes along with it...bless him.

    it's funny cuz it's true


    Oh poor Rory...

    Rory puts all men everywhere to shame.


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