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This is 100% truth and myself to the fullest. I have never been able to put this into words but I think this short saying speaks volumes. #SmartGirls

When you wake up from a power nap and have no idea what day, month, or year it is.

The Coveteurfrom The Coveteur

Regina, Cady, Gretchen & Karen

Haha @Alysha Cauffman Schmidt Stromberg! I'm a little weirded out about the track pants, though. I haven't worn a pair of those since high school cheerleading. And I've NEVER owned a pair of sweatpants (ew). Can we change it to yoga pants lol?


Who is Voldemort?

Mean girls!

I know your not being mean it's cool i think I'm going swimming sometime this week at this girl's house with my brother and her house is as big as fuck and her pool is huge it's salt water and she has a movie room