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  • Tiffany Hicks

    CREEPY Halloween decorations and food!! Remember to leave one in the bathroom.

  • Myrna Torres

    These are awesome ideas!!

  • Meghan Miller

    Remember to leave a body bag in the bathroom. | 27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways To Take Halloween To The Next Level

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armature for full sized figures -- Looks pretty simple. Need to figure out a way to weight the bottom for outdoor use.

Make a zombie toss game or photo op at your Halloween party - @Jessi Hancock or for dad's surprise party?

Body Bag With Body - Enough already! A truly unsettling product that does just that. Full sized inverted bloody body in semi-translucent bag. Bag and body included.

dead body - for bed? do bathroom sink up as if cleaning up after, with tools and "bloody" water spills. In case anyone needs to use the loo back there.

there are a lot of cool ideas on this page. Love the body bags! The creature on the ceiling!!!! AWESOME!!

Neat and gory DIY Halloween projects

Neat and gory DIY Halloween projects. These are mother will love it!