signed by tina: Push-pin could also paint the tops before hand

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Canvas and gold thumbtacks - wall art DIY

Oliver Gal Solid Kiss Canvas Art #SayIDoKCHContest

Hexagon Bling Art | Click Pic for 36 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Living Room | DIY Wall Decorating Ideas for the Home

{ Blooming monogram }

Trash Into Treasure, Silverware Artwork - DIY Home Decorating on a Budget - Click for Tutorial

Another DIY project. SO cute! I want to make my initials with it.

YES-- black lace over the small chicken wire to hang earrings. Put hooks on bottom of picture frame for bracelets and necklaces

Push Pin Art (simple AND cheap)

Use cardboard as base and glue decorative fake flowers and other pretty things for a lasting decoration



DIY Home Decor : DIY Painted ombre

All you do is glue wooden letters to canvas and then spray paint it all white (or whatever color you like) and voila, instant beauty!

diy artwork | DIY Wall Art from Magazines | DIY Home Decor


Perfect for my room! DIY Fabric Covered Bins..Dollar store bin into cute fabric organizer and no sewing :)

DIY art for your wall

Spruce up a bare wall with some DIY Artwork. By using canvas, metal repair tape and a little creativity, you can create an inexpensive wall gallery.