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Great Rustic Porch

awesome Great Rustic Porch by

French Country Cottage

Blog post at Housekaboodle : French Country Cottage because if I had to pick a favorite, French country cottage would be at the top of the list like this home on Houzz. [..]

Rustic, western yard decor. Old pickup waterfall. Large mountain...

Rustic, western yard decor. Old pickup waterfall. Large mountain rocks and…

Enter a Piece of The Haven in Your Home- 20 Divine Outdoor Jacuzzi Designs

flaming fall leaves cannot wait to see this in person once again when I go home. I just pray that the leaves stay the way they are now until after I get home.

Cute in the Garden! NOTE: set boots along side of chair so I can let the kids sit in it and TAKE PICS throughout summer! love

Stone and wood exterior I LOVE this combo. Yes I have many favorite dream home styles. I'll pick the more affordable one when it's time to build.

English Country Cotswold Cottage

I've got the floor plans. Now this is what I want the exterior to look like. English Country Cotswold Cottage more pics here: