Eddie and Michael Spears singing & drumming at Bozeman pow wow April 2013

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Native American actor Rodney A Grant. → For more Native American photos, please visit me at: www.facebook.com/jolly.ollie.77

Native Americans and compassionate people are the real masters of earth 4 life, conquerors are just robots 4 murder and genocide, wake up world and don't support evil in any way, go vegan and self-sufficient, http://dammebleustartgate2freedom.blogspot.ca/2013/09/how-to-heal-radiation-and-cancer-with.html

Native American Men (Brothers) - Eddie & Michael Spears

Arrowheads/slate rock/limestone? Beautiful plate from an 1897 book on Native Americans, via Holcroft on Etsy.

Reading History in Regalia: Three Stories of History and Culture Through Pow Wows - ICTMN.com

Native American Clothing Contest 2013. Photo: Max Mcdonald

Native American

Powwow Native American Festival at Floyd Bennett Field on June 2, 2013 in Brooklyn, NY

Native American

Pow Wow

Sitting Bull, however (pictured) refused to order his people to stop dancing, and in consequence was arrested and killed, an act that led two weeks later to the infamous massacre at Wounded Knee, where 153 Sioux Indians, mostly women and children, were needlessly slaughtered by the US Army. But the Indian spirit was not slaughtered with them. The Ghost Dance continues to this day, and to some large extent the hopes of many Native Americans remain pinned to the prophecy that spawned it. ...

Native American at Pow Wow by jdcow, via Flickr

Ray Mala (December 27, 1906 – September 23, 1952) was the first Native American movie star and the most prolific film star Alaska has thus far produced. Mala was named a "Top Ten Alaskan" by TIME Magazine. He starred in MGM's Academy Award-winning Eskimo/Mala The Magnificent, directed by Woody Van Dyke.

Native American dancer

Beverly "Buffy" Sainte-Marie (born February 20, 1941) is a Canadian Cree singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist. She founded the Cradleboard Teaching Project, an educational curriculum devoted to better understanding Native Americans.

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Native American toddler

Micheal Spears telling story about the tipi. - YouTube

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