Advantages And Suggestions For Contemporary Modular Bookcase Furniture -

Cubit Étagères Modulables Design

"green storage shelves"

This is the most amazing piece of bespoke fitted furniture I have yet seen, I love it to bits, the balance in the random squares is perfect and the shape is just beautiful. I love the contrast between white painted and wood. TT Filip Janssens

Lacquered modular #bookcase KAOS by F2 FORM AND FUNCTION

Iggy, modular console table

Zweed, you had me at "Idén med Citti är enkel". No, but seriously, where can we get this in the U.S.?

Study Desk

Barnes Dark Wenge 6 Shelf Modern Bookcase - check Amazon


House N by Dana Gordon + Roy Gordon Architecture Studio - #apartment #architecture #design #home #house #interior #interior design - #interiordesign #home #house #housedecoration

quad shelving unit

Lagomorph Design

SET Wall light by Vibia | #design Josep Lluís Xuclà

Justin Everitt Design, Australia | Architecture & Design Place

subatomic table by jason phillips. stunning...

doc. ChaBench | walnut + iron | designed by skylar morgan furniture + design (SMFD)

Wall shelves -- for cat! Handsome

love the idea of a book case as a sculptural element