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Geometry POSTERS Point Lines Ray Angles Kid Friendly CUTE

This item is sold individually or in a bundle. Please see all products in our store Upper LMNtary. Geometry POSTERs PACK ALL your Favorite Geometry Posters by

Points, Rays, Segments, Lines and Angles

This 44 page packet provides 19 activities and a quiz on points, line segments, rays, types of lines and types of angles. Students use visuals to generate

Points, Lines, Rays, Segments Geometry Math Smartboard Lesson

Students use points and equations of lines to classify lines as parallel, perpendicular or neither in this card sort for high school geometry.

Angles & Lines Task Cards with QR Codes {Self-checking Math Center}

Angles and lines task cards with QR codes! Students read clues, infer the described math vocab word, record it, & self-check with a QR code. The QR codes link to vivid, labeled photograph examples of the math term. Supports ELLs and visual learners, perfect for iPad classrooms or BYOT & BYOD schools! Angles and lines vocabulary: acute angle intersecting lines line obtuse angle parallel lines perpendicular lines ray right angle segment straight angle