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Andalusian chickens group outside

Andalusian hens outside

Andalusian Chicken

Andalusian chicken


Blue Andalusian Chickens


Andalusian closeup

Andalusian Chickens - Google Search

Andalusian rooster and hen inside

Blue Andalusians - The Andalusian Chicken is named after the Province of Andalusia in Spain and is one of the oldest Mediterranean breeds. They were developed from white and black birds imported in around 1846 also shown at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Blue Andalusian Chickens are credited with being natives of Andalusia, a province in Spain.

Chicks - Nila - Blue Andalusian

Andalusian Chickens - Google Search

Andalusian Chickens - Google Search

Learn about the Andalusian chicken breed in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS article "Backyard Heritage Chicken Breeds."


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