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    New Hampshire

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    I Love the Art of Doing Stuff #1 German New Hampshires in the Sun

    Light Sussex Hens. Docile, good with kids, low tendency to turn broody, cold hearty. And beautiful!

    Chicken love!

    This summer, I started playing with fermented feed after reading a thread about it on the BYC forum.  I wrote a post about my first attempt and the one research article I had read about the benefit...

    Getting Started with Backyard Chickens Remember these days? Did your parents talk about these days? I wish we could do it now!


    What every chicken needs...

    Euskal Oiloa – Basque Hens. The most distinctive thing about the Euskal Oiloa seems to be their temperament. Owners frequently exclaim how friendly and intelligent these chickens are; some even come when called by individual names! Basque Hens are also curious and make for excellent foragers. If you are in North America, please visit the Euskal Oiloa Chicken Forum. A Spanish organization, EOALAK is an excellent resource for Basque Hen information.

    How to keep most of the food off the ground - easy to clean, too.

    Finally - eggs again! The new supplement I'm using is definitely helping, as is the end of molting!

    Vintage Poster of Standard Breed Varieties of Chickens

    So Lovely. Want to be there

    Hen house in Snow - Poulailler givré by holistic.hen

    Backyard coop and run idea for a family of 2

    Hatching guidebook - free download

    Basque Hens (Euskal Oiloa) 22 weeks old - pretty cockerel!

    Ten Chicken-Tending Tips for the New Year

    Love love love Bluebirds!

    Photo that I took at the local farm. Another one of my favorites yet. ©Kristin Sanderson 2011

    goat milk