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German New Hampshire pullets

I live in a hollow on the north side of my ridge, and there are many times during the darker part of the year when we do not get direct sunlight during much of the day.  During the relatively rare moments of sun in the winter, I love to see the way my chickens' feathers…

love the fact that this poster was put out by the government... yea, the same government that now discourages backyard chickens...

The science behind the benefits of fermenting feed.


What every chicken needs...

Finally - eggs again! The new supplement I'm using is definitely helping, as is the end of molting!

How to keep most of the food off the ground - easy to clean, too.

Ways to Spend a Snowy Day (If You're a Chicken)


So Lovely. Want to be there

Basque Hens (Euskal Oiloa) 22 weeks old - pretty cockerel!

Light Sussex Hens. Docile, good with kids, low tendency to turn broody, cold hearty. And beautiful!

How to Raise Chickens graphic

Happy Chickens

Backyard coop and run idea for a family of 2

Love love love Bluebirds!

Country Life

Photo that I took at the local farm. Another one of my favorites yet. ©Kristin Sanderson 2011

goat milk